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Documents of CIEA Seminars - By Subject

This list gives you access to all the documents of CIEA seminars held between 2001 and 2008.
You can browse the documents by subject, by seminar or by author. Click on the preferred language (en=English / de=German / fr=French / es=Spanish) to see the PDF.

Name Title Format         en de fr es
education for sustainable actionLengsfeld, Melchior Learning and consulting for sustainable action in the rural area. Needs, experiences and claims from the point of view of HELVETAS PPT, 921kb, 15p.en
education for sustainable actionMartelli, MarianaEducational Institutes, which of them support effective learning and sustainable actionPDF, 114kb, 19p.endefres
education for sustainable actionMorel, JacquesHow do education and extension support the sustainable action of farmers in Switzerland PDF, 400kb,
education for sustainable actionNeumann, IrmfriedThe effects of varied, effective teaching/learning processes. Case study of the Tailoring GroupPDF, 76kb, 9p.enfres
education for sustainable actionNeumann, IrmfriedThe effects of varied, effective teaching/learning processes. Case study of the Welding GroupPDF, 76kb, 9p.enfres
education for sustainable actionNeumann, IrmfriedThe effects of varied, effective teaching/learning processes. Presentation of case studies from Africa PDF, 76kb, 9p.endefres
education for sustainable actionNgo Thi , Kim Yen Case Study: Forestry education in VietnamPDF, 166kb, 17p.en
education for sustainable actionPettersson, RogerWhat contributions does the information and communication technology (ICT) make to effective learning processes?PDF, 114kb, 19p.endefres
education for sustainable actionPiepenstock, AnneTraining and extension for sustainable action: "Training of local leaders to offer services in resource management and participatory planning in rural municipalities" PDF, 243kb, 22p.enfres
education for sustainable actionRoduner, DanielExtension processes and methods for sustainable action. The methode of "outcomemapping" PDF, 581kb, 26p.endefres
education for sustainable actionSinger, Peter How to teaching/learning processes become effective? Sustainable learning from the point of view of learning psychology and didacticsPDF, 79kb, 11p.endefres
education for sustainable actionStaehli, RolandEffective learning for sustainable action PDF, 68kb, 9p.endefres
educational institutionDubs, Rolf Reflecions on and principles of a successful management of educational institutes in the rural areaPDF, 21kb, 10p.ende
educational institutionDönz, SebastianFarmers and Mangement Training (BUS) PDF, 14kb, 4p.endefres
educational institutionGross, SiegriedExperiences form non-institutionalised educational offers in LaosPDF, 38kb, 10p.en
educational institutionKummer, MarcThe "Strickhof" traditionally open-minded - an illustrative case PDF, 32kb, 6p.endefres
educational institutionNeumann, IrmfriedRural Training Networks: Centres des Métiers Ruraux in Cote d' Ivoire. Vocational qualificaton for all?PDF, 42kb, 12p.endefres
evaluationCádiz, JanetEvaluation of Education: Overview of Principles, Tends and Experiences PDF, 83kb, 16p.endefres
knowledge managementDubs, RolfForm information to knowledge - form knowledge to application: the role , tasks and activities of the various protagonists in training-institutions PDF, 22kb, 5p.endefres
knowledge managementFavrod, CatherineCompetences for knowledge-management and for work in networks: individual initiative, the ability to cooperate, the ability to communicatePDF, 34kb, 11p.endefres
knowledge managementFavrod, CatherineExercisesPDF, 10kb, 2p.en
knowledge managementFust, WalterPresentationPDF, 102kb, 14p.en
knowledge managementKing, KennethKnowledge-management in concrete form: dealing with knowledge institutionsPDF, 23kb, 6p.endefres
knowledge managementMartelli, MarinaKnowledge-mangagement: a process to ensure the quality of education? Analysis of the CODESSER casePDF, 32kb, 11p.endefres
knowledge managementMorel, JacquesAgricultural Knowledge System in Switzerland PDF, 1328kb, 27p.enfr
knowledge managementSchüpbach, JuergThe responsible handling of knowledge PDF, 32kb, 9p.endefres
knowledge managementSong, StevenTechnical and organizational aids for knowledge management and networks PDF, 18kb, 5p.endefres
knowledge managementStaehli, RolandIntroductory reflections on the seminar 2002PDF, 44kb, 10p.endefres
knowledge managementStrittmatter, AntonQuality development and knowledge management - a connection? PDF, 60kb, 16p.endefr
knowledge managementViatte, GérardThe importance of managing agricultural Knowledge systemsPDF, 21kb, 6p.endefres

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