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Documents of CIEA Seminars - By Seminar

This list gives you access to all the documents of CIEA seminars held between 2001 and 2008.
You can browse the documents by subject, by seminar or by author. Click on the preferred language (en=English / de=German / fr=French / es=Spanish) to see the PDF.

Name Title Format         en de fr es
2001 South AfricaAbalu, George IEducation in the Political Economy of African Agricultural Knowledge Systems: Staying abreast of the Changing Environment PDF, 98kb, 38p.en
2001 South AfricaAndrews, Keith L.Achieving Quality in Institutions that face ScarcityPDF, 33kb, 7p.en
2001 South AfricaBlitz, EliWhat roles do teachers have in supporting the learning of the modern-day student? PDF, 49kb, 14p.en
2001 South AfricaDe Coning, TJTeaching Excellence with Hi-Tech Resources: What does ist take (Lessons learnt)PDF, 31kb, 8p.en
2001 South AfricaJacobs, D.J. The Importance of Accountability in Agricultural EducationPDF, 58kb, 19p.en
2001 South AfricaKotsokoane, J.R.L.Implications for Agricultural Education in AfricaPDF, 59kb, 9p.en
2001 South AfricaStumpf, R. H .SA Higher Education : Post Apartheid ChallengesPDF , 33kb, 10p.en
2001 South AfricaVan As, JordaanAssessment in Present Day EducationPDF, 30kb, 7p.en
2001 South AfricaVan Niekerk, A.Curriculum Transformation to meet the Needs throug to 2020 and beyondPDF, 29kb, 6p.en
2001 South AfricaVan Rooyen, JohanEducation and Change Management in Africa: a new Framework for Human Capital Development in AgriculturePDF, 72kb, 19p.en
2002 SwitzerlandDubs, RolfForm information to knowledge - form knowledge to application: the role , tasks and activities of the various protagonists in training-institutions PDF, 22kb, 5p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandFavrod, CatherineCompetences for knowledge-management and for work in networks: individual initiative, the ability to cooperate, the ability to communicatePDF, 34kb, 11p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandFavrod, CatherineExercisesPDF, 10kb, 2p.en
2002 SwitzerlandFust, WalterPresentationPDF, 102kb, 14p.en
2002 SwitzerlandJata, SanaWhat makes networks successful? The example of the Neuchâtel InitiativePDF, 35kb, 9p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandKing, KennethKnowledge-management in concrete form: dealing with knowledge institutionsPDF, 23kb, 6p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandMarincowitz, OosieHow does the training become successful in different systems and in different basic conditions? Experiences from South AfricaPDF, 22kb, 6p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandMartelli, MarinaKnowledge-mangagement: a process to ensure the quality of education? Analysis of the CODESSER casePDF, 32kb, 11p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandMorel, JacquesAgricultural Knowledge System in Switzerland PDF, 1328kb, 27p.enfr
2002 SwitzerlandPitty, AbelinoHow does training become successful in different systems and in different basic conditions? Experiences form HondurasPDF, 27kb, 7p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandSchüpbach, JuergThe responsible handling of knowledge PDF, 32kb, 9p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandSong, StevenTechnical and organizational aids for knowledge management and networks PDF, 18kb, 5p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandStaehli, RolandIntroductory reflections on the seminar 2002PDF, 44kb, 10p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandSteiner, GerhardNew findings in the psychology of learing and their effects on dealing with knowledge in teachingPDF, 12kb, 3p.endefres
2002 SwitzerlandStrittmatter, AntonQuality development and knowledge management - a connection? PDF, 60kb, 16p.endefr
2002 SwitzerlandViatte, GérardThe importance of managing agricultural Knowledge systemsPDF, 21kb, 6p.endefres
2003 ChileAriztia de Castro , RicardoDesafíos de la globalización para la agrícultura de Chile PDF, 213kb,
2003 ChileDasso, Carlos Modelo de gestión CODESSER en Escuela San FelipePDF, 8259kb,
2003 ChileDe Zavaleta, Elena EstefaníaEvaluación de la Formación Técnico Agropecuaria: Gestión de un establecimiento agropecuario, valores y competencisa puesto en juego para la inserción al mundo del trabajoPDF, 777kb,
2003 ChileErquicia, WilbertEvaluación de aprendizajes agropecuarios en BolivaPDF, 38kb,

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