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CIEA - What it is

The CIEA (Centre international d’études agricoles) is an international study centre for education and extension in agriculture and in the rural area. It was founded in 1956 at the suggestion of F.T. Wahlen, at that time director of the Agricultural Department of the FAO in Rome and engaged in its first activities in 1958. From 1958 to 2010 the CIEA was based at the Federal Office for Agriculture in Berne / Switzerland and largely financed by the Swiss Development Agency (SDC). In recent years, the CIEA has held seminars - in Switzerland and abroad - for experts in agricultural education and extension. Since 1995 the CIEA has been managed by the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL in Zollikofen. The HAFL will remain responsible for continuing the activities of the CIEA in the coming years.

Which groups of participants do the CIEA activities address?
CIEA activities are aimed at players in agricultural education and extension (heads, lecturers, teachers and extensionists) who have several years’ experience in agricultural vocational training or extension. They are also open to people who work in administration and are responsible for agricultural education. The offerings of the CIEA are aimed at an international group of participants from industrialised, emerging and developing countries.

Which principal challenges do the CIEA seminars respond to?
When setting the goals and planning the activities, the organizers have the following challenges in mind:

Within the framework of its activities, the CIEA wants the participants - in addition to dealing with selected topics - to achieve the following goals:

The aim of the CIEA activities therefore is to become an attractive and exciting meeting of experts in education and extension.

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