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Since 1956 the CIEA (Centre international d’études agricoles) has been active as an international study centre for agricultural education and extension. Its activities are aimed at people (professors, teachers, extensionists and other specialists) working at agricultural universities, colleges, vocational schools and extension services as well as in NGOs (non-governmental organisations). It has been the objective of the CIEA to contribute to the development and improvement of teaching and extension for rural people. For more than 50 years, the CIEA has planned and organized seminars, study tours, expertise and experience exchange. Since 1997 CIEA has been managed by the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL. The CIEA regularly collaborates with partners in more than 50 countries all over the world.

As the CIEA will come to an end in its current form, the CIEA board has decided to initiate a process of reorientation. This process will consist of various activities, e.g. stakeholder analyses, exchange with partners and clients as well as capitalization of experience and good practice.

This website aims, on the one hand, to give access to the results and to the wealth of documents that have been established during the past years. On the other hand, it gives CIEA alumni and other people interested in agricultural education and extension a platform to network and exchange their views and experiences.

The importance of education and training

As emphasised also by the SDC (Swiss Development Cooperation the CIEA is convinced that vocational education and training at secondary and tertiary level – together with basic but also with higher education – is one of the main preconditions for economic and social development. Significant segments of the population are often excluded from economic life because they lack the necessary qualifications.

The CIEA is aware that education and training can be planned and carried out in very different ways and under different framework conditions, which is why the CIEA’s most important aim is to promote the development and improvement of teaching and training. 

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